Empowering Innovations in Healthcare, HealthTech, and Life Sciences

We transform groundbreaking ideas into market-leading solutions with tailored expertise and a unique, cross-border acceleration platform that utilizes our government mandates, industry connections and funding avenues.

EEE successfully integrates your product into the US-UK market within three months of onboarding.

As the sole private entity entrusted with the responsibility to connect innovative healthcare projects, talent, and funding between the NHS (UK) and the Henry M. Jackson Foundation (US), we possess comprehensive in-house expertise to serve as a one-stop-shop. Furthermore, we have the capability to privately invest in compelling opportunities, contingent upon obtaining relevant and appropriate consents.

Funding and Endorsement Assistance:

In addition to securing private and government funding, we aid you in addressing product efficacy and enhancing IP protection for your healthcare innovations. This unlocks essential support, propelling the growth of your projects and ensuring long-term success.

Market Entry Acceleration:

This is our flagship service which ensures rapid entry to markets in healthcare, life sciences, and HealthTech within 6-8 weeks. Backed by UK and US government mandates, we bridge the gap from concept to global impact, facilitating swift transformation of your innovations into market leaders.

Government Level Contracts:

We specialize in securing government contracts, utilizing strategic connections. As the sole private entity linking NHS UK with HJF US, we expedite healthcare innovations to market, providing a stable foundation and access to lucrative contracts for your projects to thrive.

Clinical Trials and Collaborations:

Our team specializes in facilitating clinical trials and cross-border collaborations between the United States and the United Kingdom. This accelerates your research and development efforts by collaborating with prestigious organizations and accessing a broader pool of resources.

Tech and Material Transfer Agreements:

We specialize in swift tech transfers between the UK and US, executing precise MTAs to secure materials for healthcare projects. This ensures efficiency, saving time and resources while prioritizing intellectual property protection.

Regulatory Pathway Lobbying:

We navigate regulations for your venture, addressing risks from human lives to market dynamics with precision. Our proactive strategy ensures a smooth regulatory journey aligned to fortify your project's success.

Our Mission and Expertise

EEE Corp Group is where visionary innovation meets global health transformation. We're not just a pathway; we're a launchpad for groundbreaking healthcare solutions, acting as a vital bridge between concept and global impact.

We’re your single point of contact for navigating the complexities of product development, IP protection, funding, and commercialization. Our services are tailored to innovators at all stages, ensuring a seamless journey from ideation to market triumph.


Agility is the cornerstone of our strategy

We're finely tuned to the rhythm of innovation, ensuring your endeavors progress with remarkable speed and precision.


Elite (NHS) UK and US Medical Facilities Market Integration

The sole private entity entrusted to connect NHS UK with HJF US, we accelerate the entry of healthcare innovations into the US & UK market. Leveraging our established assets, including incubation, networks, funds, talent, and expertise in facilitating clinical trials and mandates, we ensure a strategic and efficient market integration.

Unlocking Huge Market Opportunities

We specialize in pinpointing, nurturing, and guiding companies poised to seize billion-dollar market opportunities, unlocking potential in expansive yet stagnant sectors ready for innovation. We liberate your entrepreneurial focus, ensuring you can fulfill your specific job role without feeling the need to shoulder every responsibility.


Securing Your Investment

Be it optimizing product efficacy, safeguarding intellectual property, assessing the value of your IP and Human Capital, or strategically positioning your company based on a comprehensive analysis of 70 key data points, we excel at mitigating risks. Our commitment is to empower you to secure both private and government funding, establishing your merit and ensuring you comfortably occupy a prominent seat at the table with us.

Innovations We've Brought to Market



Best Regulation
Advisory Firm 2019


British Community Honors Awards Recipient 2019 at the House of Lords.


Ready to Launch Your Project?

Whether you have a groundbreaking healthcare product or a visionary concept, we're here to make it a reality.


Today, our global presence is a testament to our success, managing substantial investments across diverse healthcare sectors.


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