Founded with a compelling vision in 2012, EEE Corp Group is a driving force in the healthcare innovation landscape. Our commitment to progress in the life sciences industry guides our actions, as we identify opportunities and allocate financial resources to the most promising technologies in modern healthcare.

Today, our global presence is a testament to our success, managing substantial investments across diverse healthcare sectors.

Negin Bemanzadeh

The Founding CEO

As the CEO of EEE Corp Group, I am honored to lead a dynamic team that bridges the gap between the UK and US markets in life sciences, healthcare, medical devices, and HealthTech projects. With over 11 years of experience, I have cultivated a profound understanding of the challenges and opportunities faced by innovators in both jurisdictions and devised effective strategies, solutions, and networks to address them.

Our mission is to empower and advance health-related solutions that significantly enhance the quality of life and well-being of millions. Leveraging our expertise in investment, strategy, and leadership, we offer comprehensive support to our clients and partners. This includes scientific validation, IP analysis, regulatory road maps, funding solutions, and access to an elite network. We selectively invest in companies poised to disrupt the industry and generate a positive impact.

Whether you are associated with the NHS, Federal Labs, academia, or the industry, we are equipped to help you realize your vision, navigate regulatory pathways, map out your commercialization journey, and focus on the operations and improvement of your product, rather than spending your prime time liaising with various collaborators.

We aim to be your one-stop solution, assigning a dedicated executive to provide weekly updates and using universal trackers to report on the workflow progress from all collaborators involved in your project. This includes feedback from designers, labs, manufacturers, clinical trial sites, regulators, commercial partners, and potential strategies for your desired exits.

Our agility is key to maintaining quality over quantity without exhausting the support from our government backers in the UK and the US.

As Private Equity Investors, Specialists, and Advisors with backgrounds in medicine and investment, our goal is to unlock your entrepreneurial mindset, freeing you from the need to juggle multiple roles—whether as a CEO, scientist, or inventor.

We are grateful for the opportunity to learn with you and contribute to our shared mission of turning the impossible into ‘I’m possible’ together!

AN experrienced team


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Best Regulation
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British Community Honors Awards Recipient 2019 at the House of Lords.


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Today, our global presence is a testament to our success, managing substantial investments across diverse healthcare sectors.


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