As the exclusive private entity mandated to link (NHS) UK with (HJF) US, we accelerate the entry of healthcare innovations into the market. From startups to established entities, we serve as your exclusive destination for healthcare innovations, seamlessly navigating the entire journey from concept to commercialization. Specializing in assisting healthcare innovators through each stage of their venture, we transform dream outcomes into reality. Our all-encompassing services span a diverse spectrum of healthcare innovations, including devices, diagnostics, software/apps, assistive technologies, and actionable tools.


Market Penetration

Our flagship service, Market Entry Acceleration, stands as the epitome of our strategic prowess. It empowers healthcare, life sciences, and HealthTech innovators to seamlessly enter the market, often achieving this feat within 3 months of on-boarding.

Drawing strength from our authoritative government mandates in both the UK and the US, we excel at bridging the gap between visionary concepts and global impact. This enables you to swiftly translate your innovative ideas into market-leading solutions, solidifying your position as a frontrunner in the industry.


Strategic Government Mandates

Our proficiency lies in securing and optimizing government-level contracts for our clients, leveraging strategic connections and a profound understanding of governmental processes. As the exclusive private entity mandated to link NHS UK with HJF US, we accelerate the entry of healthcare innovations into the market.

This not only establishes a robust foundation for your healthcare projects but also grants access to lucrative government contracts, ensuring financial stability and providing a formidable platform for your innovations to flourish.


Clinical Trial and Collaborations

Distinguished by our expertise, we specialize in orchestrating clinical trials and fostering cross-border collaborations between the United States and the United Kingdom. Capitalizing on our network of government agencies, we forge strategic partnerships that propel healthcare advancement in both jurisdictions.

This expedites your research and development endeavors by engaging with prestigious organizations and gaining access to an expanded pool of resources, strategically enhancing the trajectory of your initiatives.


Technology and Material Transfer Agreements

Enjoy seamless facilitation of technology transfers between the UK and the US, executed with precision through Material Transfer Agreements (MTAs). This strategic approach ensures the secure acquisition of essential technology and materials for your healthcare projects.

This streamlined transfer process not only saves valuable time and resources but also prioritizes the safeguarding of your intellectual property, underscoring our commitment to the strategic and secure advancement of your initiatives.


Regulatory Advocacy

In the realm of regulatory pathways, we serve as dedicated advocates, skillfully navigating complexities with the utmost precision to minimize operational disruptions. Our meticulous analysis and proactive strategies adeptly address an array of risks associated with your products, encompassing considerations from human lives to political and market dynamics.

This commitment ensures a seamlessly orchestrated regulatory journey while proactively mitigating potential risks that could impact the success trajectory of your project, affirming our role as strategic partners in your venture's triumph.


Funding and Endorsement Procurement

Our seasoned professionals specialize in orchestrating the acquisition of both private and government funding for your healthcare innovations. Through meticulous analyses, we address any existing challenges related to product efficacy and intellectual property protection.

This comprehensive approach not only provides you with access to essential funding but also secures valuable endorsements, propelling the growth trajectory of your projects and safeguarding their enduring success.

Why Choose EEE

Areas of Expertise


Market Penetration: Unlocking untapped markets with unmatched precision.


Strategic Government Mandates: Securing pivotal government partnerships for streamlined compliance.


Clinical Trial and Collaborations: Accelerating innovation through strategic clinical partnerships.


Technology and Material Transfer Agreements: Facilitating cutting-edge tech exchanges to drive progress.


Regulatory Advocacy: Navigating the regulatory landscape to advocate for favorable outcomes.


Strategic Funding and Endorsement Procurement: Mobilizing essential funding and endorsements to fuel growth.



Best Regulation
Advisory Firm 2019


British Community Honors Awards Recipient 2019 at the House of Lords.


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